Online Fashion Catalogue

KISUA (which is Kiswahili for cloth) is a fabulous online catalogue that displays women and men’s clothing, varying from sophisticated to casual wear. Even Beyoncé has worn some of KISUA’s clothing. Check out this website and you will NOT be disappointed.

P.S. Come to our fashion show NEXT SATURDAY 2/28 @ 6:30 in the DUC!!


3 thoughts on “Online Fashion Catalogue

  1. it is very nice post ,enjoy your i will give one more example
    Melbourne based designer Victor Alexandre founded his namesake label in 2007, after being in the fashion industry since 1978.
    His designs have an ageless quality that is aimed towards women of all shapes and sizes who are seeking unique, non-commercial garments made from high quality fabrics.
    Made in Melbourne, all of the designs are made with natural fibres, hand-cut and pre-washed to ensure the highest quality possible.
    Vibrant rich hues are a signature of Victor Alexandre with many of the exclusive colours produced through hand-drying techniques. Colours of the orient were imperative to the design development of the collection with rich spice colours of saffron and turmeric as well as the deep blues of the Indian Ocean.
    Each of the original jewellery pieces are hand crafted, incorporating beads and trims from all over the world.
    Victor Alexandre Melbourne is both a wholesale and retail business which means they have an excellent understanding of what customers want and all the demands of the retail industry.

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