Apply to be the next Freshman Representative!

Applications for the 2013-2014 Freshman Representative are up! Fill out the application attached below at email it to by Friday. Being the Freshmen Representative will give you a great opportunity to learn what it is like to be on an executive board. We hope you apply!

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Welcome Back!

We hope that your first week back at school has been smooth and not too stressful. Now that everyone is getting back into the swing of things we would like to invite you to come learn more about us at the Activities Fair on Tuesday September 3rd from 4:30-6:30 pm in Brookings Quad.

Good luck on your upcoming semester. We can’t wait to see all of you!

African Film Festival March 22 -March 24

Hello Everyone!

Special thanks to all those who attended and helped with Africa Week 2013: I am  Africa! The week was a great success!  Upcoming is Washington University’s African Film Festival. This year’s festival will be featuring films from Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea, Kenya,  South Africa, and Namibia! The festival runs from Friday, March 22 till Sunday, March 24 2013, so be sure to mark your calendars! Check out the facebook page for festival updates:

African film Festival 2013

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all excited because Africa Week 2013: I AM Africa is only a week away! We have a lot of new and exciting events lined up for the week! Check out the flyer below, and be on the lookout for twitter updates for the events! Aslo drop by our facebook page to check out the “I AM Africa Photo Campaign” photographs taken by Allory Relf!!

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 5.41.53 PM


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HI Everyone!

Thanks to all those who came to the GBM this past Friday, and to those who tried out for the fashion show! This week, African Students Association is holding a panel featuring students from Wash.U’s graduate schools! We will have representatives from the schools of Medicine( MD and MSTP), Law, business, and social work (MPH and MSW) along with students involved in graduate studies. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity. The panel will be on February 6th at 5:00pm in McMillan Cafe. Hope to see you there!!!




We have lots of exciting programs lined up for this semester such as AFRICA WEEK 2013: I AM AFRICA, the African Film Festival, General body meetings and roundtables! Be sure to add us as a friend on facebook( ASA WASHU) and follow us on twitter so you do not miss out on the fun!

This Week: General Body Meeting!

Our general body meetings provide an excellent medium for learning about current events in African countries, playing fun games with friends, and just becoming a part of the active conversation about Africa! Image


NEXT WEEKEND: AFRICA WEEK 2013: I AM AFRICA Fashion Show Casting Calls!

Want a great way to show that you ARE Africa? Then come audition for the Africa Week Fashion Show! Everyone is welcome and there is no experience necessary! Hope to see you there!


NEXT WEEK: “Do YOU Speak African?” A Roundtable Discussion

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and you are all ready to finish the semester successfully! It’s time for ASA’s second roundtable discussion: Do YOU speak African? During this discussion, we will be addressing important questions such as: What truly are the “second” languages in Africa? What are the implications of making the distinction between African “dialects” and Western “languages?” So come voice your opinion on language, identity, and the links between the two. Dr. Mungai Mutonya will be a featured expert. You don’t want to miss out!

ASA Community Service Events

Project Ambition:

A fun afternoon centered on introducing Senegalese and Kenyan students to the college experience. Participants learned about admissions, financial aid, and what to expect from college life from current WUSTL undergraduates. Games and other exciting activities were included. 

Project Ambition began with fun icebreakers!

Students then participated in a discussion panel featuring current undergraduate students from different areas of study.

A photo scavenger hunt was held to introduce students to the WashU campus.

The scavenger hunt included campus landmarks such as “The Bunny”

The event ended with an engaging game of trivia.

Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered for Project Ambition!

NEXT WEEK: Round Table Discussion with Zina Saro-Wiwa!!

Join the African Students Association for a roundtable discussion with British Nigerian filmmaker, Zina Saro-Wiwa! This roundtable will address topics such as expressions of love in Africa, the return to natural hair, and changing perceptions of Africa.

In addition to film making, Saro-Wiwa is a writer and reporter. She has been a presenter and producer for the BBC and is the director of the award-winning documentary “This is my Africa.” Her late father, Ken Saro-Wiwa, was a famous Nigerian environmental and human rights activist who was wrongly executed in 1995, when she was 19.Check out her videos!

Upcoming This Week: YORI YORI TRYOUTS!

Hello and Welcome New Students!!

Hope everyone had a great summer, and is fully rested for a year of learning and excitement! We are definitely  looking forward to some pretty amazing events coming up in the next couple of months. To kick things off, WashU ASA’s premier African dance group  YORI YORI is holding tryouts this Thursday. For those of you interested in any form of African dance, make sure to check out this event! Be prepared to have tons of fun!!

-WashU ASA